Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thomas Edison & Animal Cruelty

Article about Thomas Edison's horrific animal abuse. He was so insane he held public events where he tortured and killed dogs, horses and animals. Not the guy many think. I'll post his astrology chart and analysis soon. Doing a search with his name and animal abuse will provide plenty of validation about his vile acts.

Sorry dm, ran out of space to mention you so you'll have to continue pillaging to have an identity.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Harvest Moon, Asteroid Flyby, and Mars

The Full Moon in Aries on October 5, also called Harvest Moon, producing rare moonbows. For the next two weeks is good for lessening and releasing what you don't want to keep. Clearing, cutting your hair, beginning a diet to lose weight, releasing anything you no longer want in your life, are all good ways to utilize the waning energy of the Moon.
An asteroid (named 2012 TC4) will sweep close to earth around 1:42 AM on October 12 as close as 4,200 miles and our Earth’s gravity will alter its path somewhat. Later, at 3:19 PM it will pass by the Moon. We frequently have flybys though not always this close.
★Those who follow my work know I’ve been discussing the impact of Mars since before the June eclipse and its involvement with it. Usually, Mars energy moves along fast although this time, with the bond to the Sun during the eclipse, it continued and continues to be an influence. For three days in Mid-September, a solar storm made its way t Mars, crossing thresholds of ground-level radiation and producing auroras that rovers and observers have never before seen. It’s more common to happen on Mars because it lacks a magnetic field to protect it as we do on Earth. The field on Mars is 1% as thick as Earth’s. I think that intensified the influence of Mars on us all. It was in Leo until September 5 when it then moved into Virgo where it currently aligns with Venus. This is more soothing to the spirit although the impact of the eclipse that continues cannot be discounted.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

“Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other” called art?

It’s a measure of the Guggenheim’s disconnect with reality that their
stated reason for removing these pieces from the “Art and China After
1989” exhibition was concern about the safety of their “staff, visitors,
and participating artists,” with no mention of the inherent cruelty
involved in the making or display of the works.

“Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other”


Society becomes more dramatic and dictatorial every day. A good part of the destruction of human dignity is due to the New Age that exchanged to adage of sin for karma. Imposed shame (false guilt) is debilitating people and many therapists are adding to the problem by their lack of ability to piece together more than one concept at a time. That and more are fragmenting and isolate individuals. Novices are “preaching” with pseudo credentials akin to a child having to counsel an adult. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Post Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde in Leo

The great solar eclipse may be passed though the influence continues with high concentration until the next full moon in Pisces on September 6. This is a growth cycle during which you can begin something, plant seeds (literally and otherwise), and finalize where needed. Mercury is still retrograde until September 5 so remain flexible and ready to make adjustments. On Thursday, August 31, Mercury will retrograde back into Leo and join Mars and the eclipse point in Leo. High intensity continues to aggravate and activate where there is already sensitivity to this fire quality. Powerful events, such as the hurricane in Texas and flooding are a result. That 11 trillion gallons of water has already rained down with more to come is so very tragic.

While Mercury is in Leo from August 31 to September 9, there is greater inclination to speak out and be self-expressive. Leo is about the self, the ego and id, and it instigates realizing ones individual identity and preferences through desire.

 Here's the September, 2017 calendar with planet and luminary aspects.
As the days go by I'll add definitions of what the lunar phases, signs, and aspects indicate.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse in Leo

What can I say that hasn't already been said? For weeks and months before the big talk about the eclipse began, I've discussed it, written about it, and presented information....and, it's finally here as a marker in history of celestial greatness. For the millions who'll watch it, there will be those who are sparked by something deeper and meaningful as each resonate to how much their hearts are open and their mind are able to perceive the deeply profound messages streaming within the solar rays.

Today, and for the next two weeks, is a time to contemplate and listen to your own voice within that prods you to align with your own higher purpose and fulfillment. This is the time to formulate a plan, begin, and in some way put into place the beginning of the next phase of your life. Between now and until the next Full Moon in Pisces on September 6 is growth and expansion of the Solar Eclipse in Leo energy.

It's easy to tap into your heart center and your authentic self and recognize what life you truly want to manifest. 

The last solar eclipse that crossed the US was June 18, 1918.