Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wolf Moon-Full Moon in Cancer, January 12, 2017

★THE WOLF MOON★ January 12, 2017

Until then (peaking at 6:35 AM EST) is a time to contemplate your spirit journey, after which is 2wks of deep reflection and reception from your guides, spirit guardians and dimensions of wisdom.
Mercury enters Capricorn and a Venus-Neptune alignment makes the day unique and mystical. 

Here's the link for daily details and information about the Full Moon and other celestial phenomena this week. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

October 30, 2016 New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio, October 30, 2016 is calculated for Easter Daylight Time. This placement specifies the Ascendant, Midheaven, and Part of Fortune for the location that changes from place to place. However, the Sun, Moon, and planet are in the same signs and angled the same to each others. An example is that the Sun and Moon in Scorpio remains the same throughout the world.

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The New Moon on October 30, 2016

Friday, September 30, 2016

September 30, 2016 Libra New Moon * Angel Jophiel

 ★★SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 – LIBRA MOON ★★

Today is the New Moon in Libra that is a new beginning for establishing greater harmony and to restore balance where there may be unrest. This continues to grow until the Aries Full Moon, October 16. Alignment with others, restructuring anything that needs better order and, within it’s your time to restore inner peace. The dynamics of Libra and its symbol, the scales, is about striking the right cord to resonate peace. There may be glitches and tiling (the scales) here and there, but you can create a reasonable life of management and productivity. Give thought to what is in balance as a foundation and add to that your intention to strengthen other areas of your life that need a boost.   

The angel for Libra is Jophiel who helps to birth new ways to live and gain awareness, open mindedness and live more creatively. The name itself means, Beauty of God.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dark Side of the Moon & the Black Moon in Libra


This is ★the darkest point of the Moon before it becomes new again tomorrow at 8:12 PM ET. Today is the ★Moon and Mercury Occult that is all by itself strange and mysterious for perception, communication and travel. There is depth and unusual energy for contemplation and planning what you’d like to do for the next two weeks while the lunar tide grows to full in ★Aries on October 16. This Moon Occult Mercury in Virgo helps you to be organized your thoughts; is great for prioritizing how you would like to proceed during the days ahead. 

Tomorrow is the infamous ★Black Moon touted more and more as the name becomes more popular. It’s in Libra and right on schedule for all the New and Full Moons throughout the year though some have given it special significance which is for each to decide how much validity there is to it. Why this is considered special is because it’s the second new moon in a calendar month in the same way that a second Full Moon in a calendar month is called a Blue Moon.  The special energy before it launches is that, earlier, at 12:55 PM the ★Moon and Jupiter Occult which means they’re in the same sign and at the same point within it, just as today the Moon and Mercury Occult in Virgo. Having today’s occultation and another tomorrow offers more energy to the uniqueness of what happens and what you experience in general. The dark of the moon can be a cloak for tending to private matters and going within to sort out personal issues and concerns. In the quiet moments you can discover your own strengths and how you feel that is so very strong now with ★Venus in Scorpio. What’s behind the door, what’s motivating you from your subconscious, and what current from those just out of view (as people who may not have your best interest at heart) is flowing toward you. Gain insight, and tomorrow begin anew. What’s weighing on your mind and heart? Weigh it all out and create your own recipe for greater balance and harmony.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Mars in Capricorn; Black Moon in Libra

Libra Born Today: September 26, 1181 is the birthday of St Francis of Assisi, known as Patron Saint of Animals. He led an interesting life having served in the military and taken prisoner along with numerous other activities including avoiding sports and activities that led to wealth. Throughout his life he was considered rebellious of tradition and finally took the path of priesthood with 11 followers. He was/is a Libra with Taurus Moon and Pisces Ascendant.

This Week - 

Mars enters Capricorn
New Moon in Libra, also a Black Moon

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Equinox 2016, Mercury Direct, Venus in Scorpio

Happy Equinox and Happy Birthday Libra’s.

Today the Sun is at 0 degrees Libra and is the ★Autumn Equinox★ beginning the new season. This is the midway point between the Summer and Winter Solstice, a crossroad where realization of balance, symbolized by the scales, is important. There’s strong influence, as always, though right now with the energy resonating from the 3 eclipses there is a sense that life is in the balance. A cryptic statement I realize, but with tension and anxiety so frequently expressed, it describes what so many are thinking as we all are amazed, dazed and stunned by the challenging acts taking place. Today is ideal for aligning with the order of the universe and the purity of the planet to help strengthen your world including the world overall. Most seem ready for a change. It truly has been a long, hot summer. 

★★Venus is in Scorpio and ★★Mercury is direct.


Friday, September 16, 2016



The Harvest Moon is a Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces peaking at 3:06 PM ET. This is a huge moon that seems to hang low over the earth and which has already brought its own kind of title wave of energy deep within. This 3rd eclipse in sequence, the lunar in Aquarius in August, followed by a solar eclipse in Virgo September 1, and now this one today, has mixed with the ★Saturn-Neptune 18 year cycle that has a major impact on your psyche and inner mind. This is like a strong undercurrent or undertow that pulls your conscious mind into things of the past, emotion, and all manner of seemingly otherworldly matters. I say “seemingly otherworldly” because a dream, a memory, or a feeling isn’t necessarily only in the mind but a real energy frequently dictating behavior and how you react in your everyday life. Pisces governs the oceans, the subconscious, sacrifice, spirituality, major institutions where people are housed for specific purposes, other lifetimes, and much more. This eclipse will be strong until the next ★New Moon in Libra in September 30. The cosmic connection is a powerful impact on all life on Earth. Humankind is especially susceptible due to being separate from much of nature by virtue of free will and the ability to make choices in behavior. What has been, is, and will continue to happen is response from emotion, feeling and inner impulse. Some behave without restraint and on impulse that causes uneasiness and an unsettled environment. The greater energy is an open door to those other realities that allows for ease of connecting to entities with which you have relationships such as personal guides and teachers, relatives, and others with whom you have affinity. You can gain self-knowledge and also wisdom by exploring the vast and unlimited worlds through your mind. The symbol I’m using today is a mermaid. She’s a mystical being living under the water and an ideal representation of Pisces and the Moon. The alternate energy is the Lorelei or Siren that lures ships to them through their sound of mystical song and once lost in the fog, crash into rocks. There are always two sides of each sign that is the outer life of activity and the esoteric energy of spirit. The choice is to commune with the mermaid for wise guidance or follow the lure of the Siren. Intuition is a great guidance system that helps you to sense what to do and when. Those without forethought and sensitivity to the reality of action and reaction are unpredictable and behave in ways that are often annoying. Whatever is within is brought to the surface. As your own emotions and sensitivities are brought forth you best serve yourself by tending them through time to contemplate your own motivations and direction along with seeking guidance from higher sources.  Due to the solar eclipse, the eclipse energies are ongoing well into November.